4 Steps to a Successful Theme Event

1. Planning

Define What You Want to Accomplish

Increase in sales? Increase in participation? Encourage repeat business? Staff involvement? Improve your image? Attract new customers?

Identify Your Level of Involvement

What can you afford to do? What kind of space do you have to work with? Involve your managers, head cooks, chefs, servers, cashiers and anyone in the facility with a creative mind who is willing to help!

Choose an Appropriate Theme

Sporting events, holidays, and local events.

Determine the Timeline

What does what when?

Select the Menu

Be creative and plan your own, or use the ideas found in the Winning Themes Ideas by clicking here.

Choose items that help promote the theme idea and then choose menu names that relate to the theme.

2. Promoting

Create an action plan to publicize the promotion

Use the ideas found on the Winning Theme Worksheet.

3. Executing

Proper Planning and Promoting Will Ensure a Successful Event

Plan your work and work your plan.

4. Evaluating

Internal Survey

Did the theme event meet your stated objectives? Solicit additional feedback from your staff?

External Survey

Survey employees and customers for effectiveness of the event. Their comments will help you plan the next event to be even better! Did the participants have fun?