Appeal to the 5 Senses


Take advantage of food products that have a wonderful aroma associated with the theme—freshly baked bread, spicy barbecue sauce, hot apple cider, or popcorn. Other associated aromas can add to the atmosphere, such as suntan lotion at a beach party, the smell of pine incense (campfire) at a Wild West Day, or the scent of fresh cut flowers.


Use posters, banners, and large props such as palm trees or beach chairs to add to the atmosphere. The GFS Winning Theme Worksheets include many ideas to appeal to the sense of sight. Using colored napkins, place mats and center pieces are simple ways to change the usual mood of the dining room.


Playing music associated with the particular theme day adds a lot to the overall atmosphere. Circus calliope music is perfect for a Greatest Show on Earth or Celtic music for a St. Patrick's Day celebration.


A place mat, a tablecloth, or a heavier weight napkin on a theme day makes it seem different and special. The feel of "crusty" French bread, along with the al dente texture of pasta, accompanied by a fresh fruit sorbet, provides a variety of palate pleasing sensations!


This is easy! Make delicious recipes, using the ideas provided on the GFS Winning Themes Worksheets, which are typical of the region or theme being celebrated!