Winning Themes Worksheets and Logos

Set the Stage for a Successful Promotion

Theme days are a great way to create a positive atmosphere. GFS has created these tools to help you impact your customers' senses. GFS Winning Themes provide menu items, decoration ideas, activity ideas, and tips to help you add excitement in your dining area.

Review all of the GFS Winning Theme Ideas; Or Create Your Own. Choose Those that Sound Interesting.

Plan your "Special Day" calendar at least four months ahead, a year in advance if possible. Use monthly calendars to help you plan! Start collecting decorations at least six weeks in advance. Resource suggestions are provided in the Resources section.

Use ideas given for decorations and activities as a start in planning your special day, but count on your staff to be creative and come up with the best ideas!

Plan Menus Using Foods Appropriate for Your Facility

Give "theme" names to menu items (ex. call milk "moo juice".)

Below are Some of the Winning Ideas

Below are some of the Winning Ideas for many different celebrations. If you would like to view the worksheet for an item, click the image or the PDF icon below the image (Worksheets are only provided for those items that have the PDF image on them).

If you are interested in creating your own worksheets, we have provided the image files for each of the celebrations below. The images are available in JPG format used for placing the images into many different publishing applications.

Click on the format you would like. You may receive a window asking whether to Open or Save the file to Disk. Select Save to Disk and place it on your desktop for later use. If the image opens in the browser window, right click the image, click Save Picture As, browse to your desktop and click Save.