SCratch Recipes: Get Cooking School Meals

Speed-scratch recipes offer the convenience, nutrition and variety your staff and students will appreciate.  Speed-scratch is simply using ready made products and adding ingredients to make the job easier.  It allows a school kitchen to reduce time and provides opportunities to use one product in multiple recipes. 

Review these recipes for ideas your students will love!

As a courtesy any available K12 Documentation (CN label or PFS) is linked below the corresponding recipe.

Cycle Menu Management users: Search for these recipes and more using the trait feature in CMM. When searching, select More Search Criteria, then Traits, and then select the K-12 Scratch trait.






Sandwiches & Wraps


Desserts & Beverages

The Recipes and photos above are courtesy of: General Mills, Land 'O Lakes, Tyson and USDA 


These Flexibowls were created as a means to address concerns related to supply chain challenges on top of the always present challenges related to budget, student acceptance, menu fatigue, and the need for creative, fresh and on-trend menu items that highlight commodity ingredients

Item codes for Direct Diversion commodity ingredients can easily be adapted to use USDA Foods (please note crediting information may vary with any menu substitution), as your allocations dictate.

Additionally, proteins listed in the recipes can easily  be swapped out for other proteins, as these bowl flavors are appropriate for poultry, beef, pork, fish / seafood and even vegetarian options using beans, legumes or lentils.

Please be sure to reference the Food Buying Guide when altering ingredients to be sure appropriate portion sizes are used.