Health & Wellness

As health and wellness becomes top of mind for consumers, foodservice operators are challenged to meet the growing demand. Turn to this guide for ideas, tips, and guidance.

Click here to view and download the Health & Wellness Guide. 

Health and Wellness Lists

Please reference the distribution center you receive deliveries from below: 

Grand Rapids & Brighton, MI; Kenosha, WI; Springfield, OH; Imperial, PA; Shepherdsville, KY

Toolkits and handbooks

How to conduct a grocery store tour:

By partnering with nutrition professionals, healthcare and educational systems can help to build healthier communities. With the Grocery Store Tour Tool Kit, nutrition professionals will find information to educate consumers about food to promote health and wellness. These efforts can empower your future patients, residents, or students to reduce their risk of chronic diseases.

Consistency-Modified Culinary Handbook

If you have new employees who have food service background, yet unique healthcare skills important for safety feeding patients or residents may present a training opportunity, or if your team needs a refresher on consistency-modified culinary techniques, then turn to this handbook for a tool and solution to help train on consistency-modified diets.

Tastefully Balanced To-Go Meals

Regular access to well-balanced meals can help maintain and improve health and wellness. Click here and watch this video to learn about the Gordon Food Service Tastefully Balanced Program, and how your healthcare organization can make a difference.

National Nutrition Month 2024

With the expansion of the definition of bot health and wellness,  this is a great opportunity to focus on helping consumers make informed food choices, develop wholesome eating habits, reduce waste, and establish consistent physical activity habits. In this packet, you will find tips, resources, and activities for a healthy 2024.

Please visit to find more information and resources for National Nutrition Month® 2024.