Healthcare Menu Customization

The Nutrition Resource Center has Registered Dietitians who specialize in creating a customized menu for your community! Learn about the benefits of menu customization below.Β 

Learn more about Menu Customization here.

Control Cost

A customized menu can help manage food waste and control food costs.Β 

Improve Efficiency

Why take hours to accomplish what our registered dietitians can do for you in much less time? Our R.D.s are in Cycle Menu Management everyday and can quickly edit your menu for you.

Cycle Menu Management

Menu customization does require a Cycle Menu Management License. Learn more about Cycle Menu Management here.

To learn more about Menu Customization call the Nutrition Resource Center (800.968.4426) or talk with your Customer Development Specialist.

Healthcare menu design

NRC has created templates that are customizable with your own photos, logos and colors to help elevate the dining experience. Learn more about this service and templates here.