Menu Design Made Easy

Technical Requirements: In order to use these menus, you must have Microsoft® Office 2003 or higher.

Menu design made easy! These kid-friendly designs make it easy for you to create personalized student menus. A new design is available for each month or if you have a seasonal cycle menu, you can use one of the four seasonal menu templates.

How to use these templates:

  • When the calendar opens, you will need to download the file.

  • Download the file by clicking the 3-stacked dots in the top right corner.

  • Once it is downloaded, you will open the file in Microsoft Word for editing and creating your menu

The Microsoft® Word templates are already formatted for quick text entry-just click on the text area and begin typing. Presto! You have attractive menus to copy and send home with your students.

Looking for a menu for Assisted or Independent Living?

***In order to use the templates below, first click to DOWNLOAD the file, then open with Microsoft Word®. To view a quick video of these steps, click here.

Monthly Template Design 5-day - Downloads & Samples

Monthly Template Design 7-day - Downloads & Samples

Seasonal Template Design 5-day - Downloads & Samples

Seasonal Template Design 7-Day - Downloads & Samples