Recipe Inspiration to Serve Healthy Communities

What “healthy” means to the guests you serve may be very personal. There’s been an evolving definition of personal health, which may be related to how unique and individualized diet and lifestyle habits have become. These recipe collections are built considering both eating styles and also the environment or lifestyle of your guests.

These recipes may provide inspiration for:

  • College and University Campuses

  • Assisted or Independent Living Communities

  • Hospitals – from the patient menu to retail or cafeteria dining

  • Skilled Nursing Communities (holiday or celebratory meals)


In Veg-Centric cooking, small amounts of meat or seafood proteins are an integral part of the dish. The purpose of these protein additions is to achieve levels of umami and craveability that could not be accomplished by simply plying plant-based ingredients alone. The greatest advantage of veg-centric cooking is that the ingredients are prepared in their natural state, allowing the flavors and freshness of the produce to shine without needing to be overly manipulated or morphed into a meat analogue. Common attributes of veg-centric dishes are bright, vibrant colors, fresh, natural textures, and complex layers of craveable flavors. The recipes in this collection are Kitchen-Tested by Gordon Food Service Corporate Consulting Chefs.


Although there are various descriptions of vegetarian, the recipes in this collection are consistent with lacto-ovo vegetarian, which is a way of eating that avoids meat, poultry or fish but does include dairy and egg products. The collection below is just a sample of vegetarian recipes available. If you are a Cycle Menu Management user, you can search by “vegetarian” trait to find more. Watch this video to learn more.


The global diversity of our communities is important, these recipes are intended to provide diverse flavors or highlight recipes that may be traditional to certain styles of cuisine.


This style of eating focuses on plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts and using healthier oils in place of butter. Red meat is limited while seafood is encouraged twice a week.

Recipes with Animal Welfare Focus

The recipes in this collection include a meat or poultry product that is Certified Humane, Raised without Added Hormones or Raised without Antibiotics.

Recipe List with Animal Welfare Focus

Recipes with Non-GMO Ingredients

The recipes in this collection highlight one or more ingredient that is non-GMO. It is important to keep in mind the entire recipe is not labeled as Non-GMO but rather a specific ingredient.

Grab & Go Recipes

Today’s busy lifestyle has created a demand for grab & go style recipes. These recipes may ideal options for take-out, retail or fast-paced guests on the run.

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