Senior Meals

Gordon Food Service is pleased to provide sample menus for Senior Meals, which feature five weeks of hot lunches for a regular diet type. They were written to meet the nutrient goals for one-third of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). This menu is available in 7-day and 5-day (weekday) formats. You can also find new blank 5- and 7-day monthly templates at the bottom of this page. These Microsoft Word templates are already formatted for quick text entry; just click on the text and begin typing.

Click on the months below to view and print the sample menu templates:

5-Day Samples



7-Day Samples



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This menu may also be accessed through Cycle Menu Management. Using the Cycle Menu Management software, you will be able to:

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Blank Menu Templates

Click on the months below to view and print customizable 5- and 7-day templates:

Individual Templates:

All templates (Compressed .zip file containing all Menu Template Designs appearing below):

Monthly Template Design 5-day - Downloads

Monthly Template Design 7-day - Downloads