Healthcare Recipes

Cycle Menu Management (CMM) has a robust database of thousands of healthcare recipes designed to meet your community’s needs.

General Mills & Gordon Food Service Recipe Collaboration: Enjoy these fresh, on-trend ideas inspired and created in our test kitchen in partnership with General Mills. Learn more.

You can narrow down the full recipe database to meet the needs of your community. Below are categories you can filter recipes by within CMM.

Preparation Style (Scratch, Speed-Scratch, Convenience): whether you have experienced chefs or novice kitchen staff, there are recipes for all levels of experience cooking. Click here to view different preparation styles.

Senior Living: These recipes are featured on our Senior Living Menus. They are coded for 13 different diet restrictions. They are designed for long-term care and assisted living communities.

Fine Dining: These recipes are intended to provide inspiration for Independent Living and upscale Assisted Living communities. Click here to view more.

Consistency Modified: These recipes are altered to meet the needs of the resident.

Regional Cuisine: These recipes include regional favorites for various parts of the country such as New England, Southern, Florida, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest and Carolinas.

Cultural: This recipe category features recipes from different areas of the world to incorporate a more diverse palate.

Small Homes: These recipes are designed for Small Homes (also called neighborhoods or villages) in Senior Living. Each recipe has a smaller yield (6-12 servings, easy to cut in half or double if needed) and utilize home-sized appliances vs. large scale foodservice equipment.

Fortified and Food First: These recipes are designed for residents who need extra calories and protein.

To learn how to filter by these categories in CMM, please view the Recipe Traits video here.